“Protecting the soil and water of our county”

Blackford County Soil and Water
Conservation District

The Blackford County SWCD is committed to providing leadership, education and conservation assistance in the wise use of soil, water and other related natural resources.

Blackford County Courthouse

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Historical Stewards of the land
The SWCD was founded on March 29, 1957

The SWCD was organized as a governmental subdivision as provided for by the Soil and Water Conservation Districts Act of the Indiana General Assembly.

Since 1957, the district’s role has evolved with constantly changing conservation issues and trends, however the focus on soil and water conservation and other related natural resources continues. The SWCD is in a constant state of evolvement to meet current demands and is committed to providing the best programming available to meet Blackford County’s natural resource needs.

We have partnered with adjacent counties in the last eight years to strategically seek sources of state and federal funding. Two projects in particular, The Upper Mississinewa River Watershed Project (with a base of operations in Delaware County) and the Salamonie River Watershed Project (base of operations in Jay County) has secured large amounts of cost-share funding for Blackford County landowners.

2021 District Showcase
The Blackford County SWCD was recognized in 2021 for it's outstanding commitment to conservation.

Here is a list of our partner initiatives:

Upper Mississinewa River Watershed Project

Upper Salamonie River Watershed Project

Lower Salamonie River Watershed Project